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Free Silverlight 2 Refcard from DZone

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Wei-Ling Chen
Wei-Ling Chen
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0 comments   /   posted on Jun 30, 2008
Categories:   General

You may be familiar with the DZone network and our series of Refcardz. We are proud to announce that our newest refcard on Silverlight 2 has just been released and we would be honored if you can look through it and give us any review or feedback. Any supportive mention on your website/blog will be greatly appreciated :).

Please see information below:

Light up the web! Silverlight is Microsoft’s offering for designing, developing, and delivering rich interactive applications over the internet. These applications can run on all major platforms and in all major browsers. This refcard covers the System.Windows.Browser namespace in a whirlwind tour that includes: calling managed code from JavaScript, using managed code to control the HTML DOM, and accessing the user’s browser window.

Features include the Silverlight Plug-in, Hot Tips and more.

And here is the direct link to the refcard: http://refcardz.dzone.com/refcardz/silverlight2



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