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Silverlight 1.0 - New Maintenance Release Available

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0 comments   /   aggregated from Tim Sneath on Apr 07, 2008   /   original article
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We released a minor maintenance update to Silverlight 1.0 over the weekend (internally known as GDR3, where GDR stands for "General Distribution Release"). I'm sure most readers of this blog already have Silverlight 2 Beta 1 installed on their own machines, but if you're building a site for the tens of millions of users that already have Silverlight installed on their machine, you'll be pleased to know that we're continuing to service the 1.0 release to take account of customer-reported issues.

image The latest release is live now on the web for both Mac and PC; it reports itself as 1.0.30401.0 (where the build number indicates that it was compiled on April 1st). The changes are minor in nature and shouldn't affect existing applications; they include an audio bug fix for nForce 4 motherboards, an update to support custom parameters in ASX playlists, fixes to font support on Mac OS X Leopard and improved multi-language support during installation and update.

As ever, the way to check which version you're running is to right-click on some Silverlight content and choose the Silverlight Configuration context menu option; on a Macintosh, it's visible by browsing to the Silverlight run-time in its installation location in the browser Plug-Ins folder. Incidentally, it seems that most people don't realize that we publish release notes that highlight the deltas from one release to another (admittedly, the link is pretty buried, so it's worth adding to your favorites).



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