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Creating a WinRT DirectX XAML control using C++/CX

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0 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on Apr 27, 2012
Tags:   directx , windows-8 , winrt , morten-nielsen

Read original post by Morten Nielsen at SharpGIS

With Windows 8 Metro style apps, you can now also build XAML controls not only with C# and VB.NET but also with C++. If you are a .NET developer you will probably wonder why you would do that – and granted there might be several reasons you wouldn’t. However there is a few nice things about C++ that .NET libraries doesn’t give you:

1. You can use existing C++ libraries and link them directly in. This will allow you to re-use an enormous amount of code already out there.

2. DirectX is a first-class citizen in C++ 11, and officially the only way to use DirectX in XAML (although there are ways to access this from C#).


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