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Jounce MVVM WCF RIA Printing and More Example

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0 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on Mar 23, 2012
Tags:   silverlight , jounce , wcf-ria-services , printing , mvvm , navigation , out-of-browser , jeremy-likness

Read original post by Jeremy Likness at C#er : IMage

I finally managed to update and upload my To-Do List Reference Application. This is a Silverlight 5 application based on my Jounce framework that demonstrates a number of different features. I built it as part of my book, Designing Silverlight Business Applications. There are several chapters devoted specifically to the construction of this example application. It is a demonstration application, so while it contains a lot of different components designed to illustrate various points, it's not intended to be a "production application." I won't even call it an "enterprise application" because it falls far short of what you might typically build for the enterprise, but this one has a lot more code than your typical two-page blog post program.


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