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Legion - Grid Computing Framework

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2 comments   /   posted by Emil Stoychev on Jan 04, 2008

Legion"Legion is a Grid Computing framework that uses the Silverlight CLR to execute user definable tasks."

This is how Daniel Vaughan, the author of Legion, defines the project and it can't be explained in better way. Legion enables us to leverage the unused resource of visitors to a web site in the form of a virtual super computer. It uses an ASP.NET application and web services to download tasks, upload result data, and provide grid-wide thread-safe operations for web clients or agents.

To learn more about the framework read the author's article in CodeProject and check out the demonstration server.


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    RE: Legion - Grid Computing Framework

    posted by stevenr on Jan 05, 2008 08:11
    Thanks, this is an excellent article.
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    RE: Legion - Grid Computing Framework

    posted by Cristian on Sep 06, 2010 23:22

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