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New Online XAML Interface Designer Released (Open-Source)

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1 comments   /   posted by on Oct 04, 2010
Tags:   xaml , designer , аpplications , development , c# , open-source , ide

A new online open-source silverlight-based XAML interface designer has been added to wiki-os.org

It can be launched from:


Some of the features include:

  • Ability to create, position, resize, and delete controls
  • Ability to nest controls one within the other
  • Properties panel
  • Events panel (ability to generate code-behind event handlers automatically)
  • Integration with wiki-os to write code-behind in C# and to compile Silverlight applications online

The source code of the new XAML designer can be accessed by clicking "Edit Source Code" in the top-right corner of the development environment window, and then clicking the "InterfaceDesigner" referenced project.

Applications created with the new XAML designer can be compiled and tested by clicking the "Save All and Run" button in the toolbar, and then shared by clicking the "Share/Embed" button in the top-right corner of their window while they are running.


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    RE: New Online XAML Interface Designer Released (Open-Source)

    posted by Swamy on Oct 05, 2010 19:23
    Very Nice Open Source  tool to learn the Silverlight and XAML..thanks  for the Team..

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