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Silverlight 2 Released

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1 comments   /   posted by Emil Stoychev on Oct 13, 2008

The final version was announced by Scott Guthrie in a conference call he gave a few hours ago. There is nothing much more different than RC0 - just some bug fixes and UI polishing.

Thanks to Nathan Brouwer, who attended the conference call, we can see answers of some interesting questions:

  • Mobile : support coming (already in private testing) - both Windows Mobile and Symbian;
  • No offline support (yet);
  • From RC0 to final: no API changes, just bugfixes and some UI polishing;
  • Cardspace : no plans to officially support this from Silverlight. Guess its still the messy javascript;
  • Printing : samples are coming to support bitmap to browser printing command, more advanced features are coming later on;
  • 5 keystrokes added to full screen mode, others are still restricted due to security issues. More "safe" keystrokes are maybe gonna be added though mainly focussed on gaming (arrowkeys etc).
  • IPhone interop: Silverlight did talk with Apple but due to control restrictions on IPhone, Apple doesn't allow browser plugins (like Silverlight) on the IPhone. It might in the future but right it now it doesn't.
  • G1 (Google phone): different from IPhone since its more open. Definitely gonna be released.
  • Chrome: first release had some issues with painting issues. Latest Chrome developer release does work (not tested on MAC version yet). Howto enable developer release: see mydigitallife.

In the Microsoft Silverlight Virtual Pressroom you can now find a Silverlight 2 Fact Sheet, Customer Evidence and Quote Sheet.

Silverlight 2 Final, as well as the new Tools, will be available tomorrow (14 October).


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    RE: Silverlight 2 Released

    posted by jake_jrc on Oct 13, 2008 17:41

    good !thanks

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