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Silverlight Toolkit launched

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0 comments   /   posted by Nikolay Raychev on Oct 29, 2008
Tags:   silverlight , pdc08 , silverlight-toolkit , autocompletebox , treeview , charting , datavisualization

As you may already know Scott Guthrie announced the launch of Silverlight Toolkit at PDC08. A lot of cool features are included. Check out yourself at CodePlex. You can also see the Demo.

Here are some related resources:

Silverlight Toolkit Now Available For Download - Shawn Burke talks about the launch of the Silverlight Toolkit.

Sorry boss, I just released the new Silverlight Controls source code to the world – Jeff Wilcox who was working on the AutoCompleteBox control in Silverlight Toolkit describes what features are included in the control.

Silverlight Toolkit - Using Silverlight TreeView Control – Michael Sync wrote the first QuickStart tutorial about Silverlight Toolkit dedicated to the TreeView control.

The Silverlight Toolkit is Live – Andy Beaulieu also wrote an article about using the TreeView control in Silverlight Toolkit.

Silverlight Toolkit (Silverlight 2 Control Pack) - Charting – Pete Brown also posted about the new Silverlight Toolkit. His article is about charting.

Silverlight Toolkit Overview and Samples - Dan Wahlin makes an overview of the controls in Silverlight Toolkit and gives some examples.

Silverlight Toolkit Released – More controls – Tim Heuer made some samples about Silverlight Toolkit.

Announcing a free, open source Charting solution for Silverlight - David Anson also made some samples focusing on the features included in the DataVisualization assembly.

New Silverlight controls suite delivered by Microsoft #PDC08 - Laurent Bugnion also makes an overview of the controls included in Silverlight Toolkit.

Toolkit release & Themes - Jesse Liberty is talking about themes in Silverlight Toolkit.


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