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Silverlight news for July 28, 2008

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0 comments   /   posted by Ilia Iordanov on Jul 28, 2008

It is amazing what can come across the mind of a Silverlight fan. Controlling your Treadmill from Silverlight - Part 1 is the first of several posts by Page Brooks that explains how to control your treadmill using a computer and Silverlight.

Here is a nice collection of Expression Blend articles, video tutorials and sessions.
A Survey of Silverlight 3D by nerdplusart – 3D in Silverlight, is there such thing? Find out the way you can achieve 3D by faking it with 2.5D and Parallax approaches as well as having a ‘real’ 3D using Kit3D or Balder frameworks.
Retemplating a Standard Control (Including VisualStateManager Stuff) by Dave Relyea - This article demonstrates how to give a Button new visuals and visual state by re-templating. It also includes what to do with all of the existing VisualStateManager stuff, but first it discusses various ways of modifying existing controls. The second post by the same author is Silverlight Layout Fundamentals Part 2 - Layout Containers and its Part 1 – if you wonder why you need layout system, these articles might give you the answers you need.
In-State Animation In A Nutshell by Jesse Liberty – very short and focused post that shows how to apply specific behavior (pulsing animation) to a button on its mouse over state.
Validating Cross-domain Access Policy Files by FirstFloor – Download the enhanced version of the Cross-domain Access Policy File Validate tool, point the domain and validate the clientaccesspolicy.xml and/or crossdomain.xml files.
DevExpress presents Silverlight Data Grid: Master Detail View by using the RowPreview template. Find out how to present the master detail data using the row template functionality of the AgDataGrid control.
Will developers use Silverlight? –see what Joel Neubeck has to tell about it.
Check the list of Silverlight games Adam Kinney made for us. Be careful read this post ONLY if you have time for playing (at least 30 min required).
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