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Silverlight news for June 18, 2008

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0 comments   /   posted by Emil Stoychev on Jun 18, 2008

Data and Databinding with Silverlight 2 Beta 2 - Peter Bromberg starts a series of articles focusing on working with Data via ASMX and WCF web service, WebClient, and other modalities. In the first part Peter shows how to get data from an ASMX web service and bind it to a DataGrid.

Silverlight Streaming Publishing Plugin for Expression Encoder 2 - The expression encoder team have just push out a preview of the Silverlight Streaming Publishing plugin. With this plugin you can easily publish and manage your encoded Silverlight video content from within Expression Encoder. Download the plugin here.

Firefox 3 and Silverlight - With the release of FireFox 3 there were released also some issues for Silverlight :)  It seems like the problem is in the installation experience and initiation of the Silverlight plugin. Tim Heuer discusses this in his blog.

Procedural Animation in Silverlight 2  - Adam Kinney discusses the use of "Empty Storyboards" for procedural animations and their benefits.

ViewModel Pattern in Silverlight using Behaviors - Excellent post by Nikhil Kothari that describes how the ViewModel pattern can be implemented in a Silverlight application. The great thing about his post is that he also presents a prototype Silverlight 2 framework for implementing the pattern using Action Behaviors. 

Creating a localizable Silverlight 2.0 Application - Great write-up of what are steps to make your application localizable with almost no code.


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