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Silverlight news for October 1, 2008

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0 comments   /   posted by Ivan Dragoev on Oct 01, 2008

Well, testing the application is always an important task and in Silverlight we also need it. Check Jeff Wilcox's Silverlight Unit Test Framework: New features & download for RC0 post about it, download the framework and see the breaking changes. But why own testing harness instead something like nUnit or MbUnit? See Shawn Burke's answer here.

Jesse Liberty with Dependency Property System – Deeper Dive Part 1 - be sure you didn't miss that one.

Blend Modes? You’re Soaking In It by Robby Ingebretsen is a great article about "how a layer visually interacts with the objects below it". Hmm, difficult one, but Robby made it to look easier even for developers...and when opacity is not enough ;-)

Mike Snow with his latest tips - #52 – How to Popup a Browser Window and #53 – MessageBox is now Available in Silverlight 2.

Gerard Leblanc Turns the page! - see the page turner and grab the code. The project is based on WPF and Silverlight BookControls in CodePlex and Gerard made some cool customizations.

We remind you that it's time to vote for an article in Silverlight: Write and Win! contest.

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