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Silverlight news for October 20, 2008

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0 comments   /   posted by Martin Mihaylov on Oct 20, 2008

Konstantin Petkov from Telerik starts the week with a great tools and resources summary for UI Automation/Accessibility in Silverlight 2. Very useful indeed!

The start of the week couldn't be better, because of the JellyFish project developed by the japanese at 2ndFactory. They have done a lot of work in order to provide us with common framework for developing a DeepZoom applications. This sounds really great as the DeepZoom is not the easiest thing to develope - think of all the mathematics when working with sub images and the need of preformating images with the DeepZoom composer. The framework provide us with client side .dll, that helps implementing the functionality, and a server side DeepZoom composer like application, that is used for slicing the images and preparing them for use with the MultiscaleImage control. Sounds really nice and I unpatiently await a final release! :)

The Silverlight Designer and Developer Network was announced. It's based in Melbourne, Australia and its purpose is to give everyone, who works with Silverlight, the chance to get together with other professionals and to discuss the latest things around the platform. The first meeting will be held in Microsoft Theatre and Shane Morris and Jonas Follesø will attend the event as speakers. Find out more at www.sddn.org.au.

Laurent Bugnion used Expression Blend while redesigning his web site. He described the process in an article and although it's not related to Silverlight some of you might find it useful.

Jesse Liberty announces that he and Tim Heuer will demonstrate the entire workflow around consuming data form a data base using Silverlight and web services.

Koen Zwikstra from First Floor reports an issue with the UI Automation implementation of Silverlight 2. The problem is that the Silverlight host crashes when you try to use UI Autoamtion client such as Silverlight Spy, UI Spy etc.

At the start of this week a new Flash vs Silverlight is available from Terence Tsang and it's about Flickr Image Gallery.

Suprotim Agarwal has rewritten his article about Load and Play a Video File at Runtime using Silverlight 2 Beta 2, because there are changes in the OpenFileDIalog control between the Beta 2 and the Final release. You can find the renewed article here.

Shawn Wildermuth has uploaded the source codes from his sessions at DevReach 2008. If you missed them you can find them here. Also check out his post about Understanding Image and Media Failed Errors.

Andy Beaulieu has released Physics Helper Beta 1 and posted it on CodePlex. It contains several user controls that allow you to translate the objects written in Expression Blend 2 into Physics objects via the Farseer Physics Engine. Demos, videos and more information can be found here.

Mike Taulty posted one more article based on Silverlight 2 and Html DOM Interoperability. In this article he makes the things even easier.

Brad Adams posted a list of topics that he and Tim Heuer have covered in their interview on the HerdingCode. In the post you can also find a link to the podcast!

Don't forget about the MSDN Webcast with Pete Brown on October 22 at 12:00 PM Pacific Time. The topic is Silverlight and Facebook with Pete Brown (Level 200).

Here is a step by step tutorial about creating a localizable Silverlight 2.0 RTW Application from the "Silverlight and International Thoughts" blog.

Jesse Liberty starts with the Pocket MFA series. They will be like add-ons to the tutorials, videos and blog entries of Jesse and will be focused on design. It sure will be helpful for developers that have problems with it.

Pedro Cortes has created a Tetris game in Silverlight. It looks very nice, but the post is written in spanish. Though the application is worth seeing!



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