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Silverlight news for October 24, 2008

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0 comments   /   posted by Emil Stoychev on Oct 23, 2008
Tags:   Silverlight

ComponentOne anounced Studio for Silverlight - set of controls including grids, charts, gauges, maps, menus, treeviews, richtextboxes, layout panels, uploaders, and more.

Flash vs. Silverlight - New comparison between Flash and Silverlight is out. This time it investigates the differences in the browser integration part.

Karl, the author of XAML Power Toys, introduces his future tool - WPF & Silverlight LOB Form Layout. Karl is looking for some feedback on this so read on and help him choose the best solution.

More and more articles on LOB applications are popping out. Manish Dalal writes about a Cascading ComboBox which would help in some specific business cases.

Missing a Watermarked TextBox in Silverlight 2? I miss it too! Fortunately Tim Heuer wrote one for all of us :) Of course, he provided the source code so we all can see and learn from it.

Another thing that I miss in Silverlight is the mouse wheel support. Thanks to another great guy, Mike Snow, in the Silverlight community now that's also "supported". Find out how to add a mouse wheel listener to your controls.

Style? What's that? Why should I use it? How can I use it? Find answers to those questions in the Dan Wahlin's latest post.

Jeff Prosise has a post on multithreading in Silverlight and the different ways you can go with it.

New physics-powered water demo from Jeff Weber.


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