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Silverlight news for October 29, 2008

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0 comments   /   posted by Nikolay Raychev on Oct 29, 2008
Tags:   silverlight , pdc08 , silverlight-toolkit , bugs , expression-encoder , silverlight-streaming

Silverlight Toolkit launched – check out all the articles, samples, demos and comments about the Silverlight Toolkit release.

News from the PDC08 - Part 2 – check out also what’s new from the Microsoft Professional Developer Conference.

Silverlight Bugs and Workarounds – Here you can see a list of some bugs and how you can work around them.

Expression Encoder 2 SP1 and IIS Smooth Streaming – Check out what is new about the Expression Encoder.

Currently Silverlight 2.0 application are not supported by Silverlight Streaming. Silverlight Streaming will be upgraded shortly to Silverlight 2 RTW. More details here.


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