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The Advantages of MVVM

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2 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on Jan 29, 2010
Tags:   mvvm , silverlight-4
In this blog post, Jesse Liberty discusses what are the advantages of using MVVM in a Silverlight 4 project.

Here are three heretical assertions about MVVM:

  1. It is not all that different from what you are already doing
  2. It is not hard to understand or to do
  3. You will write better code, and you’ll write less code.


  • -_-

    RE: The Advantages of MVVM

    posted by sureshs on Mar 11, 2011 13:57
    bleddy shit how do say this answer.. its not a answer man...... whenever u want to say answer just search ur books are internet then only put ur comments in blogs     loosu....
  • -_-

    RE: The Advantages of MVVM

    posted by sureshs on Mar 11, 2011 14:13
    1. Proper layering of the view and the data. The data is not stored in the view, The view is just for presenting the data.
    2. Clean testable and manageable code.
    3. No code behind so the presentation layer and the logic is loosely coupled.
    4. With Silverlight 4.0 we have new ICommand Support (this was previously only present in the PRISM framework


    this is the check out ur web r u accept it or not

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