SilverlightShow: Discover Sharepoint with Silverlight - Part 1 Comments Silverlight articles, Silverlight tutorials, Silverlight videos, Silverlight samples Argotic Syndication Framework 2008.0.2.0, en-US (Emil Stoychev) Re: Discover Sharepoint with Silverlight - Part 1 Great site! I'm self teaching myself silverlight and sharepoint development with COM, wondering u could provide a little guidance. If you need to nest a call to the server, that is an initial call to get a listitem ID, and then a secondary call to pull list details from other lists using result of first call, how would u do that? Is first call an ExecuteQuery, and then the second UI-loading one an executeasync? Or because its silverlight do both need to be async, somehow nested? Tommyboy14 Tue, 25 Jun 2013 23:40:11 GMT