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Community Recognition Program

The community recognition program allows to become a recognized and appreciated member of SilverlightShow community by earning points for your contributions to the forum, article, video or other content on SilverlightShow.

The most active members of the community will be showcased in SilverlightShow newsletters, will be invited to beta test new SilverlightShow features and may be invited to join SilverlightShow in different content authoring initiatives. In addition, each month we will award our most active members with an exclusive SilverlightShow T-shirt and a free ebook of choice from SilverlightShow ebook shelf. See the monthly winners so far and learn more »

Recognition levels

Level Status
1 to 29 Newbie
30 to 199 Member
200 to 499 Participant
500 to 999 Contributor
1000 to 1999 Evangelist
 2000+ Guru


How are points earned

You earn points for each contribution you make to the content on SilverlightShow, as follows:

Location Activity Activity details Points
Forums Reply You post a reply to a thread started by another community member 2
Forums Answer post Your post is marked as the answer 10
Forums Mark post as answer You mark a post as the answer 1
Any Submit a comment Submit a comment to any content on the site 1
News Submit news You submit a news item and it gets approved for publishing by SilverlightShow team 3
Article Submit an article You submit an article meeting the article submission guidelines and it gets approved for publishing 20
Showcase Submit a showcase You submit a showcase and it gets approved for publishing 5
Book Submit a book You submit a new book and it gets approved for publishing 5
Event Submit an event You submit a new event and it gets approved for publishing 5


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I see the points I've earned, and from which activity?

Once logged in, rollover your login name in the top bar. Select My Community Recognition to see your total points, and a log of the last 10 activities which earned you points.

Will I be given points for my contributions so far to SilverlightShow's content?

Yes, we will shortly update the points of all members who commented SilverlightShow content, authored news or articles.


Can I lose points?

Yes, if a comment you made is deleted, you lose 1 point. If a post marked as answer is unmarked, you lose 10 points. If you marked a post as the answer, but it is later unmarked, you lose 1 point. If you breach SilverlightShow Terms of Use you will lose 50 points.