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Terms of Use

Each site user unconditionally accepts the SITE’S RULES and undertakes the obligation to comply with them. For any violations of these rules or of any other regulations and sub-legislative acts of national and international origin, the user will bear personal responsibility.


  1. Good manners are obligatory. The publication of uncensored, insulting, pornographic, discriminatory or other materials which derogate the prestige of persons and/or organizations (governmental, business and non-governmental)is not acceptable. The team of the site has the right to undertake all legal measures in case it establishes the actions of such users and/or materials.
  2. Copyright and neighboring rights will be protected. The team of the site has signed copyright contracts with the leading authors of the site. At the same time, however, the team cannot follow, register, identify and immediately eliminate all products published by the users as well as records, programs, performances and other which may violate the right of any third parts. Each user will bear his/her own responsibility for the materials that he or she has published in the site.
  3. The publication of the materials from or links to other sites containing non-censured, pornographic, discriminatory or other materials which contradict the provisions of the law and/or good manners is forbidden.
  4. Spam will not be tolerated. “Spam” here is used with the following meanings:
    • A subject not connected to the subject matter of the forum;
    • An expressed opinion not connected to the subject matter;
    • Issues discussed with reference to (links/banners) other sites;
    • Concealed advertisements via the systematic use of names of products and companies or via the contents of the signatures.

The rules are subjected to changes by the team of SilverlightShow whereby the users will be informed in due time.

The team of the site is presented by the people who have created, who are administering and maintaining the site in conformity with their contractual relations with CompletIT Ltd.