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3D Programming for Windows®


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author   Charles Petzold  /   released on   Jul 25, 2007
Tags:   3d , wpf , charles-petzold
Categories:   Advanced Topics

 Learn to create 3D graphics for Windows—from programming legend Charles Petzold.

Get a focused introduction to programming 3D graphics with the Windows Presentation Foundation 3D API. Complementing his book Applications = Code + Markup, award-winning author Charles Petzold builds on XAML essentials, teaching you how to display and animate 3D graphics under the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 and Windows Vista. You’ll get expert guidance and code samples in XAML and Microsoft Visual C#— helping you master the skills you need to create high-fidelity user interfaces.

Discover how to:
• Define complex 3D objects with triangle meshes
• Enhance the illumination of 3D surfaces with light and shading effects
• Color 3D figures with gradients, bitmaps, and drawings
• Add animation with transforms and vertex manipulation
• Represent linear, affine, and camera transforms by using matrices
• Calculate vector angles, angles of rotation, and axes of rotation
• Generate triangle meshes efficiently by using C# code
• Express rotation by using quaternion computation
• Provide a user interface for manipulating and drawing 3D figures

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Sample Chapters:

  • Chapter 4: Light and Shading
  • Chapter 8: Quaternions