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  • author  Shawn Wildermuth  /  released on  Dec 19, 2011
    Essential Windows Phone 7.5

    Product Description

    Essential Windows Phone 7.5 is the definitive guide to creating powerful, visually compelling mobile applications that take full advantage of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5 platform. Nine-time Microsoft MVP Shawn Wildermuth draws on his extensive experience teaching Silverlight and Windows Phone development, helping you to get started fast and master techniques that lead to truly outstanding apps.

    After introducing the latest version of Windows Phone, Shawn Wildermuth dives directly into the essentials, emphasizing best-practice examples and illustrating with code. You’ll build a complete application from start to finish, then build on your skills with increasingly sophisticated techniques.

    From planning and design through application delivery, Shawn Wildermuth guides you through the entire mobile development lifecycle, showing how to make the most of Windows Phone 7.5’s most important new capabilities. Whether you’re a .NET or Silverlight developer going mobile, or an experienced mobile developer moving to Windows Phone, Essential Windows Phone 7.5 delivers all the skills you’ll need.

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  • author  Ted LoCascio  /  released on  Apr 19, 2008
    Tags:   expression-design , ted-locascio
    Microsoft Expression Design on Demand Product Description

    Microsoft Expression Design on Demand





    • Create, open, and save Expression Design documents

    • Navigate documents easily by zooming and scrolling

    • Understand how to use the Expression Design interface controls

    • Align objects by snapping to grids, guides, and points

    • Select objects, path segments, and points with the various selection making tools

    • Arrange, align, distribute, and stack objects on the artboard

    • Control object visibility and position using Layers panel controls

    • Draw shapes and paths using the various drawing tools, such as the Pen, B-spline, and Polyline tools

    • Apply object attributes such as fills, strokes, and effects

    • Incorporate bitmap images and graphics into your designs

    • Create and format editable text objects

    • Export in various formats such as XAML, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, and PDF

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  • author  Sara Froehlich, Marc Campbell  /  released on  Jan 26, 2008
    Tags:   expression-design , sara-froehlich , marc-campbell
    Microsoft Expression Design Step by Step Product Description

    The smart way to learn Microsoft Expression Design one step at a time! Work at your own pace through the easy numbered steps, practice files on CD, and hands-on exercises to master the fundamentals of creating professional-looking designs and illustrations with the powerful tools that Expression Design delivers. 

    You will learn how to produce high-quality effects by using the Live Effects feature, how to use a variety of brush types, and how to work with vector images. With STEP BY STEP, you can take just the lessons you need or work from cover to cover. Either way, you drive the instruction, building and practicing the skills you need, just when you need them! 

    Includes an easy-search companion CD with files for practicing the book s lessons, a complete eBook, and more!

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  • author 
    Professional Expression Blend 3.0 : with Silverlight

    Product Description

    Professional Expression Blend 3.0: with Silverlight shows developers how to use the 3.0 release of Microsoft Expression Blend to build rich interactive Silverlight and other applications. The initial chapter introduces readers to the basic architecture and features of Expression Blend 3.0 and the advancements in design and development that it achieves. The concepts are stated in terms that Microsoft .NET application developers will understand, and include references to previously known concepts within development models such as methods, events, triggers etc..   The author then quickly provides a demonstration of how to use Blend 3.0 to create a simple Silverlight application.   The following chapters then dive into the details, showing how to build more sophisticated applications.

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  • author 
    Tags:   silverlight-2 , expression-blend-2 , expression-blend , robert-reinhardt
    Microsoft Expression Blend

    Product Description

    This task-based, visual reference guide uses step-by-step instructions and plenty of screenshots to teach beginning and intermediate users how to create streamlined, innovative and just plain beautiful applications with Microsoft's new application development tool . Design expert and author Robert Reinhardt takes readers step-by-step through the features and tools, and shows them how they can use Microsoft Expression Blend to create engaging, cinematic user interfaces with a rich design environment that combines multiple media elements including vectors, pixel images, 3D content, video and audio, high quality text, and animation. Whether learning the application from start or looking for specific task-based answers, Microsoft Expression Blend for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide, provides designers and application developers with exactly the information they need.

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