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Building a DataGrid Control for Silverlight for Windows Phone


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author   Walter Ferrari  /   released on   Jul 28, 2011
Tags:   datagrid , windows-phone-7 , ebooks , walter-ferrari
Categories:   SilverlightShow Ebooks , Windows Phone 7

Product Description

This e-book collects the 2 parts of Walter Ferrari's SilverlightShow article series Building a DataGrid Control for Silverlight for Windows Phone together with source code.

As you probably know there is no DataGrid available under the Silverlight for Windows Phone platform at the moment. One could object that a DataGrid in Windows Phone is not so much requested for a lot of reasons, size of the screen, user input mode etc. This is true but it is also true that new projects regarding local databases appear day by day on the horizon (i.e. Perst for WP7 , Windows Phone 7 Database) and this opens the space for the development of a class of business applications, even for small devices. With this scenario a specialized UI control to visualize data becomes significant. The challenge here is to build a control which is at the same time clear, understandable and easy-to-use.

Chapter 1
Three possible solutions
Features that a DataGrid Control must have
First solution: a look to the WPF DataGrid
Second solution: a look to the Silverlight DataGrid
Third solution: a look to the AgDataGrid DataGrid

Chapter 2
The AgDataGrid Control
Porting the AgDataGrid on Windows Phone
Exploring the main features

About the Author:

Walter Ferrari is an environmental engineer and cultivates his passion for software development for a long time. He is currently a consultant working for his company, Abertech. He develops applications based on Microsoft technologies since 1995 and works primarily with .NET since 2003. He is currently focused on Silverlight and Sharepoint and acts as representative of CompletIT/SilverlightShow.

Walter is used to wearing a helmet while writing code..just to avoid serious damages when slamming his head against the monitor :) He blogs about his passion at http://www.snello.it/eng

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