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Designing Silverlight Business Applications: Best Practices for Using Silverlight Effectively in the Enterprise


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author   Jeremy Likness  /   released on   Mar 01, 2012
Tags:   silverlight-5 , mvvm , mef , jeremy-likness
Categories:   Silverlight 4
Product Description

While nearly one million developers now use Silverlight, most existing guidance remains simple and introductory. Enterprise developers need repeatable best practices and patterns to help them build line-of-business Silverlight solutions more quickly and effectively. This book delivers those practices and patterns, together with state-of-the-art Silverlight 5 code that demonstrates exactly how to use them. Two-time Microsoft Silverlight MVP and long-time Wintellect consultant Jeremy Likness draws on his unsurpassed experience building large-scale commercial applications with Silverlight. Likness guides readers step-by-step through building highly-scalable and modular Silverlight solutions that take full advantage of Enterprise Silverlight, Modular Silverlight, MVVM, and the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF). Throughout, Likness presents rich code examples in the context of real, production-quality Silverlight case study applications. His code and best practices solve a wide range of complex problems, including: *Transporting data more efficiently *Sharing behaviors between clients and servers more effectively and seamlessly *Creating modular extensions that load on demand *Debugging and profiling large-scale Silverlight systems more successfully. Code samples are written and tested with Silverlight 5 but many of the concepts are applicable to previous versions of Silverlight. Likness also provides a rich glossary and references for using Silverlight even more successfully

About the Author
Jeremy Likness was named Silverlight MVP of the Year in 2010. Now Senior Consultant and Technical Project Manager for Wintellect, LLC, he has spent the past decade building highly scalable web-based commercial solutions using the Microsoft technology stack. He has fifteen years of experience developing enterprise applications in vertical markets including insurance, health/wellness, supply chain management, and mobility. He is the creator of the popular MVVM framework Jounce and an open source Silverlight Isolated Storage Database System called Sterling. Likness speaks and blogs frequently on Silverlight, MEF, Prism, Team Foundation Server, and related Microsoft technologies.

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