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Discover Sharepoint with Silverlight


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author   Walter Ferarri  /   released on   Jul 05, 2011
Tags:   sharepoint , walter-ferrari
Categories:   SilverlightShow Ebooks , Sharepoint , Advanced Topics , Line-of-Business

Product Description

This e-book collects the 2 parts of Walter Ferrari's SilverlightShow article series Discover Sharepoint with Silverlight together with source code.

In this article series Walter Ferrari goes in-depth through the concepts of interacting with Sharepoint objects inside a Silverlight application. He explains how you can steer Sharepoint by using the Silverlight Client Object Model.

He does that by creating an application that can navigate through the hierarchy of the objects exposed by Sharepoint and shows its properties. Through this e-book you will explore, and in a certain way discover Sharepoint using a sort of Silverlight navigator. This would be a good opportunity to learn something on the Sharepoint framework and, at the same time, to become familiar with the Silverlight Client Object Model.

Chapter 1
Two words on Sharepoint 2010
The Silverlight client object model behind the scenes
Asking information to Sharepoint: Load(…) and LoadQuery(…)
ExecuteQueryAsync(…) VS ExecuteQuery(…)
The Silverlight Client Object Model and OOB application limitations

Chapter 2
A simple “Sharepoint navigator” application
How to use the application
The “hand packed query” option
The “pre-packaged query” option
Navigate and learn Sharepoint using the application

About the Author

Walter Ferrari is an environmental engineer and cultivates his passion for software development for a long time. He is currently a consultant working for his company, Abertech. He develops applications based on Microsoft technologies since 1995 and works primarily with .NET since 2003. He is currently focused on Silverlight and Sharepoint and acts as representative of CompletIT/SilverlightShow.

Walter is used to wearing a helmet while writing code..just to avoid serious damages when slamming his head against the monitor :) He blogs about his passion at http://www.snello.it/eng

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