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Fun with Silverlight 4


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author   Rajesh Lal  /   released on   Nov 11, 2011
Tags:   silverlight-4 , animations , graphics , rajesh-lal
Categories:   Silverlight 4
Product Description 

This book illustrates more than 100 features in Silverlight using a simple problem/solution approach. It takes one feature at a time and guides you in progressive journey where you begin by using the basic components, then by creating graphics and animations. You then create rich media applications on the client and web services, and delve into calling advanced Web services like AJAX, REST and WCF services from Silverlight. The book takes an example approach for all problems and features, and illustrates with class diagrams what objects and methods are used and how the elements of a Silverlight project are created in easy to understand format. In the Book * Design a Rich Internet Application * Extend the Control Framework * Create Compelling Graphics * Work with Animation * Extend the Browser Programming Model * Bring Data Visualization to the Web * Develop with ASP.NET and Ajax * Work with Web Services * Create Rich Silverlight Media Applications * Deliver Enhanced and Interactive Streaming Video Experiences The book assumes the reader has a basic understanding of web technologies and .Net programming languages, and is targeted at the intermediate to advanced Silverlight developer.

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