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Game Programming with Silverlight


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author   Michael Snow  /   released on   Jun 24, 2009
Tags:   silverlight-3 , gaming , michael-snow
Categories:   Silverlight 3 , Games

Product Description

Learn to program fun and challenging games using Silverlight, a rich, web-based application that is ideal for rapid, casual game development. Game Programming with Silverlight shows anyone interested in game design and development how to build web-based games using any of the major operating systems and browsers. This comprehensive guide walks readers through every feature of Silverlight used in game creation. You’ll get an introduction to Silverlight 3 and all of its cool features. After you’re comfortable with the application you’ll learn how to create your game world, add objects and animate them, incorporate sound and music, network your game and make it multiplayer, and more! Each chapter covers a wide range of topics that you can leverage to build just about any type of game using Silverlight.

About the Author

Michael Snow has been a game developer for the past 20 years and has extensive experience in DirectX and multiplayer game programming. He has been a Microsoft employee for over 13 years and is currently a senior development Lead on the Silverlight Tools team. Michael has a Silverlight blog that can be found at http://www.silverlight.net/blogs/msnow.

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