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Learning Windows Phone Programming


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author   Yochay Kiriaty,Jaime Rodriguez  /   released on   Dec 01, 2011
Tags:   windows-phone-7 , yochay-kiriaty , jaime-rodriguez
Categories:   Windows Phone 7

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Product Description

Get a head start on creating successful applications for Windows Phone 7. With this thorough introduction to Microsoft’s new mobile operating system and platform, you’ll learn step by step how to design, develop, test, package, and deploy great games and apps for WP7 -- whether or not you’re familiar with Silverlight and XNA.

Written by two of Microsoft’s Technical Evangelists for Windows Phone, this book shows you how to create compelling user experiences by integrating your applications with the phone’s hardware, such as its location capabilities, camera, and accelerometer. WP7 isn’t simply the next version of Windows Mobile. It’s a new generation of the OS designed to work with today’s sophisticated smartphones and Microsoft’s exceptional tools for interactive development -- and you can get started with it right now.

  • Create rich, interactive WP7 applications with Silverlight
  • Develop games for WP7 with Microsoft’s XNA development technology
  • Use the accelerometer to create fun, immersive applications
  • Build location-aware or data-centric applications
  • Keep application status up to date using push notifications
  • Add multitouch support to WP7 XNA and Silverlight applications
  • Learn how to monetize your WP7 games and applications
  • Use Visual Studio or the free Visual Studio Express edition to develop your apps
About the Author

Yochay Kiriaty is a Senior Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, focusing on Windows 7. He has more than a decade of experience in Software development, and is the public face of the Windows 7 Developers Blog. Yochay has written a number of MSDN articles, and co-authored Introduction to Windows 7 for Developers.

Jaime Rodriguez is a Principal Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, focusing on Windows 7 and Windows Presentation Foundation. He advises Global 100 companies on adoption and architecture of client technologies, including WPF and Silverlight. He has trained thousands of developers on these emerging technologies, and is widely recognized for his pragmatic developer insights.

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