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Microsoft Expression Encoder In Depth: Creating Rich Media Experiences with Microsoft Expression Encoder and Silverlight


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author   James Clarke, Ben Wag, Alex Zambelligoner  /   released on   May 17, 2010
Tags:   expression-encoder , expression-encoder-3 , james-clarke , ben-waggoner , alex-zambelli
Categories:   Advanced Topics
Product Description


Expression Encoder 3 isn't just a state-of-the-art video encoding application capable of generating high-quality offline and live video and audio content: it's also an extremely flexible tool for broader content creation and interactive authoring tasks. In this book, three leading Expression and Silverlight experts cover this product in unprecedented depth, and in the context of the entire Silverlight ecosystem. The authors, all intimately involved in Microsoft's Silverlight and Expression development, bring unparalleled knowledge and unique insight into the working and applications of both Expression Encoder 3 and the broader Silverlight platform. In this book, they combine a practical tutorial, a complete reference, and deeper drilldowns for advanced users. They address not just Expression Encoder 3's online/offline video encoding capabilities, but also its remarkably powerful and flexible content creation and interactive authoring tools. Coverage includes: Expression Encoder 3's core functionality; batch and live encoding; Microsoft's innovative Adaptive Streaming technology; creating custom Silverlight experiences; hosting and distribution; automating Expression Encoder, and much more. Timed to closely follow Microsoft's releases of Silverlight 3 and Expression Encoder 3, this book will ride Silverlight's growing wave of adoption, empowering web designers, developers, and content creators to build video-based experiences of unprecedented power.


  • Three leading experts present the first book on Encoder: a practical tutorial, a complete reference, and deep drilldowns for advanced users
  • Covers everything Expression Encoder 3 can do: video encoding for offline and live media, plus flexible content creation and interactive authoring
  • DVD contains royalty-free, high-quality clips, graphical/XAML assets, code examples, and much more
About the Author

James Clarke, Lead Program Manager on the Expression Encoder product team since before its first release, has been instrumental in the product's design and evolution. Before joining Microsoft, he worked at Avid Technology, a leader in non-linear editing software. Ben Waggoner (Portland, OR), Principal Media Strategist for Silverlight, has been recognized by streamingmedia.com as a "streaming media all-star," A contributing editor for DV Magazine, he teaches video compression every summer at Stanford. Alex Zambelli (Bellevue, WA) is Technical Evangelist for Silverlight, focusing on media strategies and key partner deployments such as NBC Olympics 2008.

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