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Microsoft Silverlight 4 Data and Services Cookbook


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author   Gill Cleeren,Kevin Dockx  /   released on   Apr 30, 2010
Tags:   silverlight-4 , data , gill-cleeren , kevin-dockx
Categories:   Silverlight 4 , Line-of-Business

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With Silverlight becoming a growing Line-Of-Business platform, it is increasingly being used to build data-driven business applications. The new book 'Microsoft Silverlight 4 Data and Services Cookbook' by Microsoft Regional Director for Belgium Gill Cleeren and the http://blog.kevindockx.com/ introduces the concepts needed to create data-rich business applications—from the creation of a Silverlight application, to displaying data in the Silverlight application and upgrading your existing applications to use Silverlight.
Written in a cookbook, step-by-step instructions style, this book covers data binding, data controls, the concepts of talking to services, communicating with WCF, ASMX and REST services, and much more. Basic experience of programming Silverlight and familiarity with accessing data using ADO.NET in normal .NET applications is required.


About the authors:

Gill Cleeren is Microsoft Regional Director (www.theregion.com), MVP ASP.NET, INETA speaker bureau member and Silverlight Insider. He lives in Belgium where he works as .NET architect at Ordina. Passionate about .NET, he’s always playing with the newest bits. In his role as Regional Director, Gill has given many sessions, webcasts and trainings on new as well as existing technologies, such as Silverlight, ASP.NET and WPF. He also leads Visug (www.visug.be), the largest .NET user group in Belgium. You can find his blog at www.snowball.be.

Kevin Dockx lives in Belgium and works at RealDolmen, one of Belgium's biggest ICT companies, where he is a technical specialist/project leader on .NET web applications, mainly Silverlight, and a solution manager for Rich Applications (Silverlight, WPF, Surface). His main focus lies on all things Silverlight, but he still keeps an eye on the new developments concerning other products from the Microsoft .NET (Web) Stack. As a Silverlight enthusiast, he's a regular speaker on various national and international events, like Microsoft DevDays in The Netherlands or on BESUG events (the Belgian Silverlight User Group). His blog, which contains various tidbits on Silverlight, .NET, and the occasional rambling, can be found at http://blog.kevindockx.com.

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