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Professional Expression Blend 3.0 : with Silverlight


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author   Alexandra Young  /   released on   Jan 27, 2009
Tags:   silverlight-3 , expression-blend-3 , expression-blend , alexandra-young
Categories:   Silverlight 3 , Expression Blend , Design

Professional Expression Blend 3.0: with Silverlight shows developers how to use the 3.0 release of Microsoft Expression Blend to build rich interactive Silverlight and other applications. The initial chapter introduces readers to the basic architecture and features of Expression Blend 3.0 and the advancements in design and development that it achieves. The concepts are stated in terms that Microsoft .NET application developers will understand, and include references to previously known concepts within development models such as methods, events, triggers etc..   The author then quickly provides a demonstration of how to use Blend 3.0 to create a simple Silverlight application.   The following chapters then dive into the details, showing how to build more sophisticated applications.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Overview of Expression Blend 3.0 and Silverlight
  • XAML
  • Working with Controls
  • Working with Documents
  • Drawing in Blend
  • Modifying/customizing Controls
  •  The Template Editor
  • Adding color and other visual effects
  • Working with media
  • Creating interactivity on the storyboard
  • Bringing 3D to life
  • Handling data

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