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Professional Windows Phone 7 Game Development: Creating Games using XNA Game Studio 4


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author   Chris Williams,George Clingerman  /   released on   Mar 01, 2011
Tags:   xna , gaming , windows-phone-7 , chris-williams , george-clingerman
Categories:   Advanced Topics , Windows Phone 7 , Games

Product Description

Create the next generation of gaming titles for Windows Phone 7!

Providing an overview of developing games for Windows Phone 7 while working within XNA Game Studio 4, this comprehensive resource covers such essential topics as device/emulator, development tools, device orientation, tilt and accelerometer sensors, multi-touch, working with Cloud and Web services, and more. Three complete games are included within the book plus hands-on explanations and clear example codes help you gain a deeper understanding of the Windows Phone 7 features so that you can start building a game right away.

  • Serves as a comprehensive reference on Windows Phone 7 game development with XNA Game Studio 4
  • Includes real-world examples and anecdotes, making this book a popular choice for those taking their first steps into the game development industry
  • Demonstrates how to program for device orientation, incorporate Touch Input, add music to a game, work with 3D, and take your game to the marketplace

Put your game face on and start designing games for Windows Phone 7 with Professional Windows Phone 7 Game Development!

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