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SharePoint 2010 Development with Silverlight


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author   Bob German,Paul Stubbs,Matt Jackson  /   released on   Dec 03, 2011
Tags:   sharepoint , bob-german , paul-stubbs , matt-jackson
Categories:   Sharepoint
Product Description

Develop Visually Compelling, Easy-to-Use SharePoint® 2010 Business Solutions with Silverlight® 5!

With Microsoft SharePoint 2010, developers can create richer, more compelling, and more efficient user interfaces than ever before. This book teaches experienced ASP.NET developers how to build them with Silverlight® 5: the easiest, cleanest way to get the job done. Two Microsoft insiders teach developers all the concepts and techniques needed to create robust solutions, and present fully-documented code that demonstrates superior design and programming. 

Bob German and Paul Stubbs draw on their extensive experience developing custom SharePoint solutions with Silverlight and presenting on these technologies at leading Microsoft developer events. They quickly review the fundamentals of both SharePoint and Silverlight development, and then demonstrate how to use both platforms together to build uniquely powerful solutions. They walk you through using Silverlight features built into SharePoint 2010; developing Silverlight web parts for SharePoint; using Expression Blend to prototype and visually design Silverlight applications; and accessing content from virtually any source. Next, you’ll put these techniques to work in building four start-to-finish solutions, ranging from a Windows Phone 7 mobile app to a cloud-based Office 365 offering.

Coverage includes:


·        Understanding the advantages of using SharePoint and Silverlight together

·        Using “out-of-the-box” features for leveraging Silverlight without writing custom code

·        Creating visual Web Parts components that end users can configure

·        Bringing designers and developers together to craft visually stunning applications with Expression Blend

·        Accessing SharePoint via the HTML Bridge

·        Calling SharePoint’s JavaScript and JQuery from your Silverlight applications

·        Accessing SharePoint Data with the Client Object Model, WCF Data Services, and Web Services

·        Creating mashups that integrate data from diverse external systems

·        Crafting effective Silverlight navigation

·        Using SharePoint and Silverlight together “in the cloud”

·        Developing out-of-browser applications

·        Integrating with Search, Excel Services, and Visio Services

·        Building Silverlight custom field controls for rendering and editing new kinds of data in SharePoint


This book will be valuable to every ASP.NET developer, architect, and integrator who wants to build state-of-the-art SharePoint solutions with Silverlight—within the enterprise, for consulting clients, or for commercial sale.

About the Author

Bob German, Technology Architect at the Microsoft Technology Center in Waltham, MA, has developed for SharePoint since it was called Site Server 3.0 in the late '90s. He spoke on Silverlight and SharePoint at SPTechCon 2009, Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2009, Microsoft TechReady 10, and Microsoft TechEd North America 2010. Paul Stubbs, Microsoft’s Senior Technical Evangelist for SharePoint, has written three books and many articles on solution development with Office, SharePoint, and Silverlight. Stubbs has spoken at Microsoft TechEd, PDC, Microsoft SharePoint Conference, DevConnections, and TechReady, and holds several Office-related development patents.

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