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Silverlight 2 Unleashed


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author   Laurent Bugnion  /   released on   Oct 25, 2008
Tags:   silverlight-2 , laurent-bugnion
Categories:   Silverlight 2

Product Description

Silverlight is Microsoft's new web-based User Interface (UI) technology, based on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), which is introducing many revolutionary concepts in the world of UI development. Silverlight utilizes XAML, which tools like Expression Design and Expression Blend use to create astonishing UI effects (such as gradients, compositions, and animations.) In addition to the richness of the UI elements (comparable to Adobe Flash), Silverlight 2 allows the use of C# or VB in addition to JavaScript to automate web pages. With Silverlight, you have the power of .NET on multiple platforms (IE and Firefox on Windows, Firefox and Safari on Macintosh, and Firefox on Linux). Starting from scratch, Sams Teach Yourself Silverlight 2 in 24 Hours introduces XAML, .NET, and Silverlight, using a lot of hands-on examples to consolidate his advance through this technology. The author, a rising star in the Microsoft development world, brings you up to speed very quickly, with numerous hands-on demos, starting in the very first chapter.

About the Author

Laurent Bugnion has been employed by Siemens as a software engineer since 1996. He has worked with many different programming languages and environments, starting with embedded C, and moving to embedded C++, then Java, and finally .NET in 2002. He has been a Microsoft MVP, first for ASP.NET, and currently for Client Application Development. He has a popular blog at http://geekswithblogs.net/lbugnion/Default.aspx. He lives just outside of Zurich, Switzerland.

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