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Silverlight 3 Jumpstart


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author   David Yack  /   released on   Jul 10, 2009
Tags:   silverlight-3 , david-yack
Categories:   Silverlight 3

Product Description

Silverlight brings to the table a number of unifying concepts that both web and desktop developers should find appealing to build business applications. The introduction of Silverlight 3 makes real the commitment toward Silverlight being much more than just a media player technology. Silverlight 3 introduces more business focused controls, more data and business logic connectivity as well as what could turn out to be the real Click Once" deployment experience.

The hardest part of learning a new technology is navigating and finding all the right information to get up to speed quickly. The goal of this book is not to teach .NET programming basics. We figure that if you re reading this book you have had some experience doing .NET development. Most people who buy this book are looking for a quick way to get up to speed with Silverlight. More specifically we are going to focus on the parts of Silverlight that are useful for building business applications. This book is the introduction to building business applications with Silverlight. The goal of this book is simple; provide a quick way for an existing .NET developer to learn the basics of Silverlight.

In this book, David Yack shares with readers the information he wishes he could have found in one place when he got started with Silverlight. The book is designed as a quick start learning guide focused on the essential parts of Silverlight a developer new to Silverlight should focus on first.

About the Author

David Yack is the CTO of Colorado Technology Consultants, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner based in Colorado. He is a Microsoft Regional Director and a Microsoft MVP for Silverlight. As a senior hands on technology and business consultant with over 20 years of industry experience, David enjoys developing applications on the Microsoft platforms, specializing in large system architecture and design. David embraced Silverlight early on when it used to be called WPF/E. As part of a group of Silverlight insiders David regularly provides product feedback to the Microsoft Silverlight development team. David has been helping clients migrate and build new applications on the Silverlight, as well as helping to mentor and train their staffs. David is a member of the INETA Speaker Bureau and is a frequent speaker at user group and industry events worldwide. David has been on the author team of two other .NET related books and recently completed the book CRM as a Rapid Development Platform. He lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and two children.

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