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Silverlight 4 Business Intelligence Software


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author   Bart Czernicki  /   released on   Sep 15, 2010
Tags:   silverlight-4 , business-intelligence , bart-czernicki
Categories:   Silverlight 4 , Line-of-Business
Product Description

Business Intelligence (BI) software allows you to view different components of a business using a single visual platform, which makes comprehending mountains of data easier. BI is everywhere. Applications that include reports, analytics, statistics, and historical and predictive modeling are all examples of BI. Currently, we are in the second generation of BI software—called BI 2.0—which is focused on writing BI software that is predictive, adaptive, simple, and interactive.

As computers and software have evolved, more data can be presented to end users with increasingly visually rich techniques. Rich Internet Application (RIA) technologies such as Microsoft Silverlight can be used to transform traditional user-interfaces filled with boring data into fully interactive analytical applications that quickly deliver insight from large data sets. Furthermore, RIA applications now include 3D spatial-design capabilities that move beyond a simple list or grid and allow for interesting layouts of aggregated data. BI 2.0 implemented via an RIA technology can truly bring out the power of BI and deliver it to an average user on the Web.

Next-Generation Business Intelligence Software with Silverlight 4 provides developers, designers, and architects with a solid foundation in BI design and architecture concepts for Microsoft Silverlight. This book covers key BI design concepts and how they can be applied without an existing BI infrastructure. Author Bart Czernicki provides you with examples of how to build small BI applications that are interactive, highly visual, statistical, predictive—and most importantly—intuitive to the end-user.

BI isn’t just for the executive branch of a Fortune 500 company—it is for the masses. Let Next-Generation Business Intelligence Software with Silverlight 4 show you how to unlock the rich intelligence you already have.

What you’ll learn

  • Design rich BI solutions for the masses
  • Discover tips for using engaging BI designs for application presentation
  • Consume BI data as a service
  • Understand and create SaaS models in BI
  • Craft BI solutions using the most advanced Silverlight 4.0 technology through C# 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010

Who this book is for

There are four core audiences for this book:

  • Business intelligence professionals/developers: Cube designers, report writers, SharePoint administrators, and others in this group are looking for a resource to gain additional wisdom on cutting-edge BI concepts. These readers will gain ideas that go beyond the capabilities of the traditional BI tools they are used to.
  • Senior developers or architects: Developers who are familiar with writing traditional software applications and want to broaden their understanding of concepts in order to include BI fall into this category. Some may have never written any BI applications in their careers but are interested in what BI has to offer. These readers will understand the core BI concepts and how to apply them using application techniques.
  • CTOs/BI directors: These are senior managers who make strategic decisions with BI. The technical examples will probably be overly technical for these readers. However, the numerous visual aids within this book will help these strategic managers make better decisions after seeing next-generation BI concepts implemented.
  • BI consultants: These readers may be any combination of the preceding three categories. The BI consultant can use this book as a resource for ideas and examples of next-generation BI designs.

  • Table of Contents

    1. Business Intelligence 2.0 Defined
    2. Advantages of Applying BI 2.0 Using Microsoft Silverlight
    3. Silverlight as a BI Client
    4. Adding Interactivity to BI Data
    5. Introduction to Data Visualizations
    6. Creating Data Visualizations for Analysis
    7. Enhancing Visual Intelligence in Silverlight
    8. Applying Collective Intelligence
    9. Predictive Analytics
    10. Improving Performance with Concurrent Programming
    11. Integrating with Business Intelligence Systems
    12. Delivering Mobile Intelligence with Silverlight
    13. Silverlight Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2010
    14. Working with Interactive Pivot Collections
    15. Appendix A - Prototyping Applications with Dynamic Data
    16. Appendix B - Creating a Bullet Graph user control
    About the Author

    Bart Czernicki has been playing around with computers since 1988 and has spent years as a professional in the IT field. He currently works as a senior software architect at a software development company.

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