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Silverlight 5 in Action


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author   Pete Brown  /   released on   Apr 28, 2012
Tags:   silverlight-5 , pete-brown
Categories:   Silverlight 5

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Product Description

Microsoft's Silverlight is the only development platform that combines the performance, security, and flexibility of a desktop application with cross-platform deployment. The latest version, Silverlight 5, offers tons of new features including improved video, audio, and text rendering, enhanced MVVM support, XNA-based 3D and sound APIs, and under-the-hood performance upgrades.

Silverlight 5 in Action is a thorough revision of the bestselling Silverlight 4 in Action. This comprehensive guide teaches Silverlight from the ground up, covering all the new v. 5 features in depth. It also explores WCF RIA Services, MVVM, and more, with dozens of code samples that can be used in Visual Studio 2010 or the free Visual Web Developer 2010 Express.

About the author

Pete Brown is a Senior Program Manager with Microsoft, leading the Developer Community team, as well as a former Microsoft Silverlight MVP, INETA speaker, and RIA Architect. Pete's focus at Microsoft is the community around client application development (Windows 8 XAML, WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone, Surface, Windows Forms, C++, Native Windows API, .NET Micro Framework, and more), with a particular focus on XAML.

Pete is the author of the best-selling Silverlight 4 in Action, currently published by Manning Publications, and of Silverlight 5 in Action, and Windows 8 XAML in Action, both currently in development.

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