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Silverlight in the Azure Cloud


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author   Gill Cleeren  /   released on   Jul 06, 2011
Tags:   azure , cloud-computing , ebooks , gill-cleeren
Categories:   SilverlightShow Ebooks , Advanced Topics , Silverlight 4 , Line-of-Business

Product Description

This e-book collects the 2 parts of SilverlightShow article series 'Silverlight in the Azure Cloud' together with source code.

From the author: Cloud computing is a hot topic nowadays. The ability to have access to an unlimited amount of resources when we need it is awesome and can help us deliver better and more stable applications, while keeping the cost low. Many vendors, including Microsoft, Amazon and Google have their own cloud implementations.

Since PDC 2008, Microsoft jumped on the cloud-computing bandwagon and introduced Windows Azure. Microsoft envisions the cloud as the future. There are many great advantages that come with cloud computing, including nearly unlimited scaling, high availability and low cost to get started, all offered by Azure. When combining the power, scalability and high availability of Azure with a rich client platform like Silverlight, we can create even more compelling experiences.

Silverlight works great with Azure and vice versa. From a professional point-of-view, I have for done a few migrations of existing Silverlight applications towards the Azure platform. Moreover, I know use Azure for delivering intermediate builds of my Silverlight projects to the customer, without all the hassle of attaining and installing a server, making it available outside the domain etc. With the tools I have at my disposal for Azure, I can deploy to the cloud in a snap and we only pay for the days the server is online.

This all inspired me to give a webinar on SilverlightShow titled Switching on the cloud for Silverlight, delivered on March 23 2011 and available for on-demand viewing here. While there’s a lot of information in the talk, this e-book will be an extra companion to the webinar. Or maybe you don’t have an hour to spend and just want to read about Silverlight and Azure, well in that case, this e-book will give you the information you need to get started.

About the author:

Gill Cleeren is Microsoft Regional Director (www.theregion.com), Silverlight MVP (former ASP.NET MVP), INETA speaker bureau member and Silverlight Insider. He lives in Belgium where he works as .NET architect at Ordina. Passionate about .NET, he’s always playing with the newest bits. In his role as Regional Director, Gill has given many sessions, webcasts and trainings on new as well as existing technologies, such as Silverlight, ASP.NET and WPF at conferences including TechEd Berlin 2010, TechDays Belgium, DevDays NL, NDC Oslo Norway, SQL Server Saturday Switserland, Spring Conference UK, Silverlight Roadshow in Sweden and others. He’s also the author of many articles in various developer magazines and for SilverlightShow.net (check Gill's articles for SilverlightShow). He organizes the yearly Community Day event in Belgium.

He also leads Visug (www.visug.be), the largest .NET user group in Belgium. Gill recently published his first book: “Silverlight 4 Data and Services Cookbook” (Packt Publishing). You can find his blog at www.snowball.be. Gill tweets from @gillcleeren.

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