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Visual Studio LightSwitch Unleashed


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author   Alessandro Del Sole  /   released on   Sep 11, 2011
Tags:   lightswitch , alessandro-del-sole
Categories:   Silverlight 4

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Product Description

Create powerful data-centric .NET applications for web, client, or cloud with just a few clicks - sometimes without writing any new code!

  • The first book on Microsoft's Visual Studio LightSwitch - a breakthrough in data-centric application development for everyone from experts to novices
  • From the absolute basics to advanced deployment, security, and customization techniques
  • By Microsoft MVP Alessandro Del Sole, one of the world's most respected and well-known Visual Basic experts

Microsoft's new Visual Studio LightSwitch represents a breakthrough in data-centric application development for Windows clients, the web, and the cloud. Using it, developers of all levels of experience can build powerful data-centric applications with little or no new code. Visual Studio LightSwitch Unleashed is the first comprehensive, start-to-finish guide to this powerful new development tool. Written by Visual Basic expert and Microsoft MVP Alessandro Del Sole, this book covers everything developers need to know to make the most of LightSwitch - from the absolute basics to the most advanced enterprise techniques. Packed with examples and tips, it shows how to: " Build simple data-centric applications, and add power with Relationships and Details screens " Implement customized queries, filters, sorts, user controls, and reporting " Aggregate data from multiple sources " Handle events in code " Efficiently debug LightSwitch applications " Use authentication to secure LightSwitch applications " Write custom .NET code in Visual Studio .NET to enhance your applications " Customize and extend LightSwitch to do even more

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