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Windows 8 Apps - The 8 Must-Know Tricks: Ebook


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author   Samidip Basu  /   released on   Nov 07, 2012
Tags:   windows-8 , samidip-basu , ebooks
Categories:   SilverlightShow Ebooks , Windows 8

Product Description

This e-book collects the 8 parts of SilverlightShow article series 'Windows 8 Apps - The 8 Must-Know Tricks'.

From the author:

One of the promises of Windows 8 is to be the next iteration of the most popular computer OS. Be excited, as this is the biggest & boldest change in Windows since 95 and there is a lot in it for developers. If you are a .NET developer, the programming paradigms in Windows 8 Metro apps should be very interesting, with fragments of it boiling over to other .NET development. XAML devs should feel right at home, as should web folks with strong HTML/JS/CSS skills. Metro apps are fun to write, in my opinion, and there is a huge potential to make a name for yourself when the Windows Store opens with Windows 8.

I have had the superb pleasure of working on several Windows 8 Enterprise LOB Metro apps for proof-of-concept, along with some very talented internal developers/designers. Unfortunately, that also means NDA and not being able to talk about stuff yet. But what I can do is share some coding experiences, since there is a decent learning curve. I will try to keep the articles short for readability & jump into what you need to make your first Windows 8 Metro app.

So, here is a series on common tips & tricks towards developing real-world Windows 8 Metro apps. We'll talk about some must-do things for Windows 8 Metro app developers. Simple, to the point, with some code examples on XAML/C# stack.

About the author:

Samidip Basu (@samidip) is a technologist & gadget-lover working as a Manager & Solutions Lead for Sogeti out of the Columbus OH Unit. Having worked on WP7 since CTP days, he now spends much of his time in spreading the word to discover the full potential of the Windows Phone platform & cloud-based mobile solutions in general. He passionately runs the Central Ohio Windows Phone User Group (http://cowpug.org/) and can be found with atleast a couple of hobbyist projects at any time. His spare times call for travel and culinary adventures with the wife. Find out more at http://samidipbasu.com/

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