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Windows Phone 7 Developer Guide


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author   Dominic Betts,Federico Boerr,Scott Densmore,Jose Gallardo Salazar,Alex Homer  /   released on   Feb 01, 2011
Tags:   windows-phone-7 , dominic-betts , federico-boerr , scott-densmore , jose-gallardo-salazar , alex-homer
Categories:   Windows Phone 7

Product Description

This guide describes a scenario around a fictitious company named Tailspin that has decided to include Windows Phone 7 as a client device for their existing cloud-based application. Their Windows Azure-based application named Surveys is described in detail in a previous book in this series, Developing Applications for the Cloud.

After reading this book, you will be familiar with how to design and implement applications for Windows Phone 7 that take advantage of remote services to obtain and upload data while providing a great user experience on the device.

About the Author

Dominic Betts is an expert with the patterns & practices team & other Microsoft® groups.

Federico Boerr is a consultant with Southworks SRL.

Scott Densmore is an expert with the patterns & practices team & other Microsoft® groups.

Jose Gallardo Salazar is a consultant with Clarius Consulting.

Alex Homer is a technical writer assigned to the Microsoft patterns & practices division in Redmond. Following a career within and outside of the IT world, including an eclectic range of jobs from tractor driver to double-glazing salesman, he spent many years as a software and training specialist before tiring of the conference circuit and joining Microsoft. However, he has so far resisted the dubious attractions of Seattle weather in favor of working from home in the idyllic rural surroundings of the Derbyshire Dales in the heart of England. Now he spends his days knee-deep in design patterns and architectural literature; writing books, documentation, sample code, and producing technical guidance in its myriad other forms—most of which is helpfully co-authored by two over-inquisitive cats. His weekly semi-coherent ramblings on the IT industry, and life in general, can be found at http://blogs.msdn.com/alexhomer/. View Alex Homer's full profile page.