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Windows Phone 7 Development with Microsoft Silverlight


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author   Andy Wigley,Peter Foot  /   released on   Dec 15, 2011
Tags:   windows-phone-7 , andy-wigley , peter-foot
Categories:   Windows Phone 7

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Product Description

Teach yourself how to build Microsoft® Silverlight® applications for Windows® Phone 7 -- one step at a time. Presented by experts on mobile application development, this tutorial provides practical, learn-by-doing exercises to help you design, build, test, and sell your first Silverlight apps.

Discover how to:

  • Create Silverlight applications using Microsoft Visual Studio®
  • Design pages that work in portrait and landscape orientations
  • Emulate the UI of Windows Phone 7
  • Create animations to add life to your application user interface
  • Use data binding to display and edit application data
  • Take advantage of GPS, camera, microphone, and accelerometer capabilities
  • Interact with Web services to access live data for your apps
  • Cache data so your application can work when the phone is offline

About the Author

Andy Wigley has been building software for mobile devices since the early days of the mobile internet, and is an expert on mobile application development using the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework. He has been an MVP since 2003. He has co-authored a number of books for Microsoft Press, including the Microsoft Mobile Development Handbook and Microsoft .NET Compact Framework Core Reference. He lives in North Wales where he loves to go rock and ice climbing. You might also find him playing bass guitar with his heavy rock band in pubs and music venues around North Wales and the North West of England.

Peter Foot is an MVP for Device Application Development. He co-authored the Microsoft Mobile Development Handbook (Microsoft Press May 2007) and has working with many generations of Microsoft powered mobile devices. Peter lives with his wife Stephanie in New Zealand and enjoys photography and playing piano.