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Windows Phone 7 Secrets


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author   Paul Thurrott  /   released on   Nov 09, 2010
Tags:   windows-phone-7 , paul-thurrott
Categories:   Advanced Topics , Windows Phone 7

Product Description

Listen up! Bestselling author Paul Thurrott whispers little know Windows Phone 7 tips, tricks, and advice

The newly revamped Windows Phone platform boasts sophisticated new features and functionality. Sharing his years of training and experience, bestselling author and Windows expert Paul Thurrott reveals little known tips, valuable insight, and unbeatable advice so you can get the most from your Windows Phone 7. You’ll benefit from the simple, straightforward solutions to common problems, all of which will go a long way to help if you are new to the Window Phone 7.

Written with access to unique information from the team at Microsoft, Windows Phone 7 Secrets is the ultimate guide to this exciting new mobile platform. Unlike other books, this title reveals the inner workings of the Windows Phone and how to make it work the way you want it. Thurrott begins with the basics of choosing the right Windows Phone, setting it up, and upgrading from another smart phone. He then moves on to customizing the screen; downloading applications; and using the Internet, e-mail, calendar, Microsoft Office; and more.

Coverage includes:

  • Pre-Flight Checklist: What to Do Before You Get Your Windows Phone
  • Windows Live ID: One Online ID to Rule Them All
  • Using Windows Live ID to Access Your Social Networks and Other Services
  • Picking a Phone
  • Unboxing and Getting Started
  • Unboxing Your Windows Phone
  • Windows Phone Usage
  • Understanding the Windows Phone User Interface
  • The Way We Were: How Microsoft Screwed Up Mobile So Bad It Had to Start Over from Scratch
  • A New Beginning: Metro
  • Real World Metro: A Whirlwind Tour of the UI
  • Hubs and Applications
  • You and Your Friends: How to Connect with Others, Connect to the World.
  • Managing Your Digital Persona
  • Being a People Person: Managing Your Family, Friends, and Other Contacts
  • Configuring the People Hub
  • Digital Memories: Using the Pictures Hub and Camera
  • Using the Pictures Hub
  • Taking Pictures and Videos with the Camera
  • Moving Photos Between the Phone and Your PC
  • Sharing Photos and Customizing Your Phone
  • Configuring Pictures Hub Options
  • Zune to Go: Music + Videos
  • Using the Zune PC Software with Windows Phone
  • Enjoying Music and Video Content on Windows Phone
  • Why Zune Is Different
  • More Music: Pandora and Other Services
  • Having Fun: Windows Phone and Games
  • Windows Phone: Great Mobile Gaming Platform
  • Understanding Xbox Live
  • Xbox Live on Windows Phone:Not the Full Meal Deal
  • Using the Games Hub
  • Playing a Game
  • Finding More Games in the Marketplace
  • Browsing the Web
  • A (Short) History of the Mobile Web

From the Back Cover

Windows Phone 7 Secrets is the ultimate insider's guide to Microsoft's new smart phone platform.?This book will take you deep behind the scenes and tell you not just how it works, but why it works the way it does and how you can overcome the platform's few limitations. You'll benefit from Paul Thurrott's unprecedented early access to the Windows Phone development team and discover tactics, strategies, and secrets for using the new features and functionality of Windows Phone 7 to your advantage. And just as important, you'll find out where Windows Phone falls short, and what you can do about it. Throughout the book, personalized notes and highlights from Paul provide the additional details you need to master Windows Phone 7 and make it your own.

The Insider's Guide to:
  • What to do before you get your Windows Phone
  • Integrating your social networks and online services into a single view
  • Understanding how the Metro user interface works, and why it works the way it does
  • Fully customizing the Windows Phone UI to work the way you want it to
  • Enjoying digital music, photos, videos, and games on the go
  • Browsing the mobile web to find what you need when and where you need it
  • Being productive with e-mail, calendaring, and Office Mobile
  • Utilizing Windows Phone's tremendous phone and messaging capabilities
  • Discovering tons of secrets, tips, and more
The Secrets series reveals:
  • Authoritative information in highlighted areas
  • Exceptional advice in the margin notes
  • Unique insight from years of author experience
  • Rarely revealed tips and techniques
  • Invaluable shortcuts and workarounds
  • Insider TipsExpert advice to help you optimize performance
  • Valuable InsightsEye-opening descriptions of poorly documentedor undocumented features and procedures
  • Unbeatable AdviceReal-world workarounds and little-known tipsand techniques

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