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Windows Phone 7 Unleashed


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author   Daniel Vaughan  /   released on   Dec 25, 2011
Tags:   windows-phone-7 , daniel-vaughan
Categories:   Windows Phone 7
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Product Description

The complete guide to programming the entire breakthrough Windows Mobile 7 platform: timed to catch the initial wave of demand! 


  • Focuses on helping readers get started fast, and deliver highly competitive applications that gain first-mover advantage
  • Teaches through complete example apps that illuminate each key concept with fully-explained code and real-world context
  • By Daniel Vaughan, a high-profile expert in advanced WPF and Silverlight development, and Microsoft MVP in Client Application Development 
    Windows Phone 7 (WP7) isn't just a state-of-the-art cellphone platform: it's the best opportunity ever for thousands of .NET developers to leverage their skills in the fast-growing mobile space. Windows Phone 7 Development Unleashed is the first book designed to help them grab hold of this opportunity, rapidly build high-quality production applications, and get them to market in time to achieve first-mover advantage. Written by Microsoft MVP and leading-edge WPF/Silverlight innovator Daniel Vaughan, this book teaches all facets of WP7 development through complete sample applications and carefully explained code. Drawing on his exceptional access to the WP7 development team through the elite Microsoft Silverlight and WPF Insiders group, Vaughan shares state-of-the-art information available in no other book. Vaughan begins with an overview of the Windows Phone 7 platform, its key innovations, and the process of WP7 application development. Next, he walks through each key skill and technique developers need, including: "Building WP7 applications with Silverlight " Incorporating media, touch, push notification, geographic location, unit testing, and internationalization, "Building WP7 data driven applications" managing local and networked data.
    About the Author
    Daniel Vaughan is a software developer and Microsoft MVP for Client App Dev, with a decade of commercial experience across a wide range of industries including finance, e-commerce, and multimedia. Daniel is a member of the WPF Disciples, the Silverlight and WPF Insider, and a CodeProject MVP. While originally from Australia and the UK, Daniel is currently based in Geneva Switzerland.

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