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Windows Phone 7 XNA Cookbook


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author   Zheng Yang  /   released on   Feb 16, 2012
Tags:   windows-phone , xna , zheng-yang
Categories:   Windows Phone 7

Product Description

  • Complete focus on the best Windows Phone 7 game development techniques using XNA 4.0
  • Easy to follow cookbook allowing you to dive in wherever you want.
  • Convert ideas into action using practical recipes

What you will learn from this book

  • Full 2D sprite animation, texture presentation.
  • Concise and clear instructions for high performance 3D graphics rendering.
  • Using accelerometer to control the game object.
  • Apply the tap, flick, hold and drag gestures on Windows Phone 7 touch screen for different situations.
  • Understanding the XNA content pipeline for improved game asset processing and management.
  • A practical guide for collision detection.
  • Explore the GUI system development.
  • Add sound and apply the 3D effect to your game.
  • Render terrain and water on CPU.
  • Work with game cameras.
  • Learn key-frame based and skeletal animation techniques.
  • Hook up your game to Xbox Live.

In Detail

Developing games for Windows Phone 7, a new mobile platform, is your big chance to impact the world of mobile games. The XNA 4.0 for Windows Phone 7 integrates a lot of capabilities from software and hardware for you to create incredible games. The next generation of mobile games will be built by you.

Windows Phone 7 XNA Cookbook is the best choice for you to make a game on Windows Phone 7. The book helps you to master the indispensable techniques to create your games using XNA 4.0. From the basics such as animating a 2D sprite and interacting with the customized graphical user interface to the more challenging such as 3D graphic rendering and collision detection.

This comprehensive cookbook covers all the essential areas of XNA game development for Windows Phone 7, such as approaches to control the sensors, gestures and typical kinds of cameras. We also have recipes for sprite animation, texture rendering, and graphical user interface development that will give you a powerful tool to work with 2D effects. After this we move onto the more juicy stuff with recipes covering 3D graphic rendering and collision detection, and major ways to improve your loading efficiency. You will also work with Xbox live so you can take your game global. Finally, no mobile game development book would be complete without a look at performance optimization to make your games run faster. Windows Phone 7 XNA Cookbook will equip you with the firepower to rock the game world.

Who this book is for

If you are an aspiring programmer with some basic concepts in C# and object-oriented knowledge who wants to create games for Windows Phone 7, this book is for you. This book is also for the experienced programmers want to transfer from Windows or Xbox to the Windows Phone 7 platform. Only basic knowledge of C# and .Net is required.

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