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Silverlight 2 Web Development: Problem-Design- Solution


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author   Steven A. Smith, R. Craig Palenshus, C. Brendan Enrick  /   released on   Apr 06, 2009
Tags:   silverlight-2 , steven-smith , craig-palenshus , brendan-enrick
Categories:   Silverlight 2

Product Description

* As Microsoft's solution for building rich, interactive applications, Silverlight is gaining rapid popularity among ASP.NET developers
* This book shows how to enhance Web applications with Silverlight 1.1 via a tutorial that walks readers through each stage of application development
* The author team uses the extremely popular TheBeerHouse application to present readers with a problem, a design, and the solution, with the end result being a real-world, working application that demonstrates the graphics, animation, audio, and video capabilities of Silverlight 1.1

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