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XNA for Silverlight Developers


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author   Peter Kuhn  /   released on   Jun 24, 2011
Tags:   xna , gaming , windows-phone-7 , mango , peter-kuhn
Categories:   SilverlightShow Ebooks , Windows Phone 7 , Games

Product Description

This e-book collects all 14 parts of the series 'XNA for Silverlight developers', together with source code. Explore XNA with the convenience of a fully offline resource!

Silverlight is not the only possibility to create software for Windows Phone 7 devices, there's also XNA. Most people that are interested in developing for the new mobile platform probably have already read about it, mostly in the context of game programming. 

This e-book gives a quick overview of XNA on the mobile platform for Silverlight developers who have not dealt with XNA in detail before. It explains the possibilities of interaction between Silverlight and XNA, and why you as a Silverlight developer should care about XNA even if you don't want to develop games.

In this e-book the author and trainer Peter Kuhn goes into the details of programming 2D games for Windows Phone 7 using XNA, with special focus on those parts that require a change of thinking when you are coming from a Silverlight background. The e-book also covers text rendering, music, animations, Mango updates and much more.

At the end of each chapter you may find a link to the source code used throughout the chapter examples. All source codes are available inside the e-book package.

About the author:

Peter Kuhn aka "Mister Goodcat" is an MCPD/MCC and has more than ten years of experience as developer, project lead and technical director. Today he works as trainer for Microsoft Silverlight business application development and the Windows Phone 7 platform (both Silverlight and XNA), as consultant in the field of software design and software development process optimization, and as technical author.
You can find his blog here: http://www.pitorque.de/MisterGoodcat. Peter tweets at @Mister_Goodcat.

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