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Free SilverlightShow Webinar: Sketchflow in Real Scenarios

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3 comments   /   posted by Svetla Stoycheva on Aug 16, 2010
Tags:   sketchflow , webinar , braulio-diez

Free SilverlightShow Webinar: Sketchflow in Real Scenarios

September 29th, 2010, 8 am - 9.30 am PDT (see your local time)

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In this webinar Braulio Diez (read SilverlightShow interview with Braulio) will go beyond the basics of Sketchflow, covered in the two parts of his SilverlightShow articles (part 1, part 2), and will discuss scenarios, questions and advanced issues submitted by SilverlightShow members.

UPDATE: the final webinar agenda has been packed up, following the topic requests and comments submitted in the webinar registration form.

Webinar Agenda:

  1. Quick Introduction to Sketchflow
  2. Data Binding
  3. Custom Controls + Behaviors
  4. Deployment + Feedback + Documentation
  5. TFS Integration
  6. Sketchflow Stability
  7. Prototype to Production
  8. Full Samples (time permitting)

The level of detail covered at this webinar will entirely depend on how acquainted the attendees are with this topic. Real-time webinar polls will help the presenter judge how deep he should dive in each area.

The webinar will include more than 12 demos! All demos and code used during the webinar will be made available through SilverlightShow Webinars page.

About the speaker:
Braulio Diez is a Silverlight MVP, a freelance developer and trainer who is frequently authoring articles for dotnet specialized sites / magazines. He is working on open source projects, a speaker at live events and webinars, and also Complet IT representative for Spain.

Braulio currently belongs to the SilverDiagram initiative and helps to coordinate a university master degree on RIA. He is also authoring a Silverlight book on LOB application development.


Who is this webinar appropriate for:
Silverlight developers
People willing to learn the nuts and bolts of Sketchflow

90 minutes or a little more, including Q&A

Technical Requirements:
Internet connection and computer speakers for audio.

Want to see more scheduled webinars? Check SilverlightShow Webinar page.




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