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  • 0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  (more than a year ago)
    Read original post by Johan Silfversparre at JayWay Team Blog

    I am working on a Windows Store app where one of the features is to share shortened links. This is a brief description on how I solved it.


    You can find a long list of different link shorteners at Programmable Web. I will use Bitly mostly because I used it before with success. The signup process and app registration is easy. Here is a blog post describing it in detail: Bitly API: Authentication.

  • 0 comments  /  posted by  Martin Mihaylov  on  (more than a year ago)
    Tags:   PDC08 , SIlverlight , C# , ASP.NET

    Laurent Bugnion about the #PDC08 Talk: Microsoft Silverlight, WPF and the Microsoft .NET Framework: Sharing Skills and Code, Developing for Microsoft Surface and the Keynote( Part 1, Part 2).

    Peter Himschoot with a post about the the Future of C# (4.0) and the session of Anders Hejlsberg.

    Mike Ormond shares his notes from the PDC08 session "ASP.NET 4.0 Roadmap" by Scott Hunter.

    While book signing at the PDC08 Laurence Moroney finds some time to blog about what's happening there and share the highlights with us . Check out his post called "Without Apps, there’d be Gaps" to learn more.

    Karen Corby made a list of the Silverlight-focused PDC sessions.

  • 0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  (more than a year ago)
    Tags:   windows-phone-7 , saijo-george

    Read original post by Saijo George at 1800PocketPC

    In a recent case study where 2 Windows Phone developers implemented the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7 and Google’s AdMob SDK on a 50/50 rotation to see which one provides a higher yield in their Windows Phone Game , Microsoft Advertising was the clear winner with 71% higher yield and produced greater overall Gross Revenue earnings and fill rate.

  • 2 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  (more than a year ago)
    In this article Brian Mains examines the Accordion control and explores it's various features.

    If you've worked with ASP.NET AJAX and used the AJAX control toolkit, you may have noticed the Accordion control.  This control provides an expandable and collapsible view of accordion panels within the accordion control.  By clicking on the header expands or collapses that accordion panel. 

  • 5 comments  /  posted by  Anton Polimenov  on  (more than a year ago)
    Tags:   windows-phone-7
    Here you can find more details on Adobe Flash for Windows Phone 7. A lot of stuff is not specified, yet. For example, we still don't know the date on which Adobe Flash will be available for Windows Phone 7.

    So will Flash 10.1 come with Windows Phone 7 out the gate? We're not holding our breath. But here's another idea why Adobe is now putting the above writing on their site: this is just Adobe continuing the public-spat with Apple by showing all the other mobile OSs that will be supporting Flash at some point.

  • 12 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  (more than a year ago)

    Braulio Diez has posted a great SketchFlow Tutorial along with several useful videos on the same subject.

    Sketchflow is a great tool for prototyping, that’s great for designers, but… for developers? of course !!!
    In this article we are going to step through Sketchflow functionality from the point of view of a developer.
    To check how Sketchflow works we will:
    • Simulate the startup of simple project: a  local community web site, that will hold news / events / members plus and admin area.
    • Insert video snippets in between the article to show how to perform certain operations using Sketchflow
  • 2 comments  /  posted by  Ilia Iordanov  on  (more than a year ago)

    Bilal Haidar explains the Silverlight error "The remote server returned an error: NotFound."

    While working on a Silverlight application and you face such exception: "The remote server returned an error: NotFound." You should check this blog post: Silverlight and WCF Essentials - Fiddler.

  • 4 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  (more than a year ago)
    Tags:   silverlight , xps-viewer

    Koen Zwikstra has posted the source code for his version of a Silverlight XPS viewer for Silverlight 2 and now you may download it and use it for whatever you want.

    Some thoughts from Koen: “First of all, since the viewer employs TextBlock instead of Glyphs elements, it is likely that the position and content of generated text elements are incorrect. This basically renders the client-only XPS viewer useless for any production environment. I'm working on an actual solution.”
  • 4 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  (more than a year ago)
    Tags:   layout , mvvm , design-patterns
     Andrej Tozon wants to show you a simple way for items/list controls to display each item data with a different template.

    The ideal candidate for such exercise are data forms, where user can enter different kinds of information - text, numbers, check marks, etc. Imagine a scenario, where each data form field would be presented as a separate ListBox item… no matter of what data type that field is.

  • 0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  (more than a year ago)
    Matthias Shapiro has published this three-part tutorial in which is explained how to create a very simple web service in PHP that pulls from a MySQL database and to display the data in Silverlight. Here you can read these posts:
      • PHP, MySQL, and Silverlight: The Complete Tutorial (Part 1)
      • PHP, MySQL, and Silverlight: The Complete Tutorial (Part 2)
      • PHP, MySQL, and Silverlight: The Complete Tutorial (Part 3)


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