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Free SilverlightShow Webinar: WCF RIA POCO Domain Services

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0 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on Aug 26, 2011
Tags:   webinar , wcf-ria-services , poco , brian-noyes
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Free SilverlightShow Webinar:
Be The Master of Your Domain With WCF RIA POCO Domain Services 

This webinar has been delivered on Sepember 28 by Brian Noyes

Watch recording | Check the slides | Get the demos| See QandA doc

WCF RIA Services makes it simple to query and update data from your Silverlight application, as well as invoke other functionality on the server side. But most examples show using it with the built-in support for directly querying Entity Framework domain models where the entity classes are code generated for you.

For many real world apps, you will need more control of your entity classes and will want to go with the POCO (Plain Old CLR Object) approach that lets you get your data from anywhere, define your entities yourself, and have other base classes and patterns to those entities. To support this, you have to do a few specific things in defining your entities and your domain service that you will learn all about in this session.

You will see how you can mix WCF RIA Services with the new Code First features of Entity Framework 4, or just get your data from somewhere else such as flat files, but still benefit from the power of RIA Services for the client side.

The live session includes a short Q&A part at the end. A recording of this session will be emailed to all registrants.


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Brian Noyes is the author of a SilverlightShow 10-part article series on WCF RIA Services, which is also available as an ebook (MOBI, EPUB, PDF and Word formats included, together with all source code).
About the speaker:

Silverlight Show Presenter Brian NoyesBrian Noyes is Chief Architect of IDesign, a Microsoft Regional Director, and Silverlight MVP. He is a frequent top rated speaker at conferences worldwide including Microsoft TechEd, DevConnections, DevTeach, and others. His most recent book is Developers Guide to Microsoft Prism 4, and he's the author of Developing Applications with Windows Workflow Foundation, Smart Client Deployment with ClickOnce, and Data Binding in Windows Forms 2.0. Brian got started programming as a hobby while flying F-14 Tomcats in the U.S. Navy, later turning his love for code into his current career. You can contact Brian through his blog at http://briannoyes.net/ or on twitter @briannoyes.

Who is this webinar appropriate for:
Silverlight developers. Some exposure to WCF, web services, and Entity Framework is encouraged but not required.
60-70 minutes, including Q&A

Technical Requirements:
Internet connection and computer speakers for audio.

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