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Venatio Creo Online

Venatio Creo Online

Venatio Creo Online is a Silverlight-driven web based game development system for everyone! Easily play, create and share new game experiences with your friends by building them inside the intuitive Venatio Creo editor! Absolutely no programming required, every aspect of game design and development is drag and drop. Once you have created your game, you can save it to a small file and share it directly with others with just a single hyperlink. Venatio Creo Online also comes packed with game examples to give you a boost and jump start your imagination! Give Venatio Creo a try today and bring new game experiences to life!


  • Genre-independent drag and drop (WYSIWYG) game development platform.
  • No written programming required, at all!
  • Share games easily directly through a hyperlink. (Hosting not included)
  • A wealth of ever-expanding examples to help jump start your game development.
  • Community features, game catalog and additional tutorials available at http://www.venatiocreo.com/.
  • Venatio Creo is available for additional platforms such as Windows PC and Xbox 360.
Tags: gaming , venatio-creo
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