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Recording of Webinar 'MVVM in Windows 8' by Gill Cleeren

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3 comments   /  Video with Gill Cleeren  /  73 minutes  /  Oct 31, 2012
Tags:   windows-8 , mvvm , webinar , gill-cleeren
Categories:   Windows 8
Download WMV   138mb
Watch a recording of the webinar 'MVVM in Windows 8' delivered by Silverlight MVP Gill Cleeren on October 29th, 2012.

Download the slides (.ppt/.pptx) | Get the demos

Webinar summary: With Metro-style apps, Microsoft is pushing MVVM with a built-in solution in some of the templates. But what if you’re now 100% clear on the concepts of MVVM? Fear no longer! In this session, we’ll explore the MVVM pattern along with its benefits (and let’s be honest, disadvantages as well) from the Windows 8 perspective. Next to the core principles, we’ll dive deep in how we can apply the pattern for Windows 8 app by building an end-to-end app based on the pattern. We’ll be using the excellent MVVM Light toolkit for our discussion.

As usual, we gave away free ebooks for the attendees of this webinar who left valuable feedback in our webinar survey. See who grabbed the ebooks!

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Guest profile

Gill Cleeren

Gill Cleeren

Gill Cleeren is Microsoft Regional Director (www.theregion.com), MVP ASP.NET, INETA speaker bureau member and Silverlight Insider. He lives in Belgium where he works as .NET architect at Ordina. Passionate about .NET, he’s always playing with the newest bits. In his role as Regional Director, Gill has given many sessions, webcasts and trainings on new as well as existing technologies, such as Silverlight, ASP.NET and WPF at conferences including TechDays Belgium, DevDays Netherlands, NDC Norway, SQL Server Saturday Switzerland, Spring Conference UK, etc. He’s also the author of many articles in various developer magazines and organizes the yearly Community Day event in Belgium. Gill also leads Visug (www.visug.be), the largest .NET user group in Belgium. He recently published his first book: “Silverlight 4 Data and Services Cookbook” (Packt Publishing). You can find his blog at www.snowball.be.


  • ckapilla

    Re: Recording of Webinar 'MVVM in Windows 8' by Gill Cleeren

    posted by ckapilla on Nov 01, 2012 21:21
    This talk, and especially the Demo program gave me exactly what I need right now to get going on a real Windows 8 program. Thanks for sharing!

    Re: Recording of Webinar 'MVVM in Windows 8' by Gill Cleeren

    posted by FLUID on Nov 06, 2012 19:47

    Great video, thanks! 

  • ReynierBooysen

    Re: Recording of Webinar 'MVVM in Windows 8' by Gill Cleeren

    posted by ReynierBooysen on May 19, 2013 14:41

    Thanks for the demo! Really clears up plenty of things regarding MVVM for Windows 8.

    I just have a question regarding the navigation section (I understand that this is a demo/introduction and not always the best way is followed)

    The code in NavigationService.cs:

                        var mainPageType = SimpleIoc.Default.GetInstance<IMainPage>(); // Creates a instance first time
                        Frame.Navigate(mainPageType.GetType()); // Always creates a new instance

    will create 2 instances of the MainViewModel class. One in the Ioc and another when it is navigated to. Is there  better way to do this? It seems as though we are only using the Ioc to execute the GetType() method to be used in navigation?

    Thanks in advance.

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